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  1. Panopto 

    1. How to work with Panopto Assignment Folders in Courseworks
  2. Courseworks (Canvas) General 

    1. Canvas Support from CTL
    2. What is CourseWorks (Canvas)?
    3. Where do my students go for help with CourseWorks (Canvas)?
    4. Will Canvas work on my mobile device?
    5. How do I request Delegated or Administrative Access to CourseWorks?
  3. Courseworks (Canvas) Setting Up Your Course 

    1. What are the basics for setting up my course?
    2. How do I add my syllabus?
    3. How do I add Textbooks into my Course in CourseWorks (Canvas)?
    4. How do I import content from another CourseWorks (Canvas) course?
    5. What are the capabilities for each role in my course?
  4. Courseworks (Canvas) Managing Course Content 

    1. What is the storage limit for files in Canvas?
    2. What is the Files Tool and how do I use it?
    3. How do I restrict files and folders permissions in Canvas?
    4. Is Canvas HIPAA Compliant?
    5. How do I upload a file to my course in CourseWorks (Canvas)?
  5. Courseworks (Canvas) Assessing Students 

    1. How do I view student activity in the course?
    2. How do I change the grading scale for my course?
    3. How do I grade student assignment submissions?
    4. Can I download my student's assignments and grade them?
    5. How do I create an item in the gradebook that is not associated with an assignment or test?
  6. Courseworks (Canvas) Communicating With Students 

    1. How do I send an email to my students in CourseWorks (Canvas)?
    2. How do I create an Announcement?
    3. How do I host my class if we can’t meet in person?
    4. How do I send notifications for new files I upload to Canvas?
    5. How do I access my evaluations (old and current)
  7. EdBlogs 

    1. How do I get started with Edblogs?
    2. As instructor, can I add users to my EdBlog?
    3. Can each student in my course set up their own blog with the EdBlogs service?
    4. Can I invite guests to my EdBlog if they do not have a Columbia University ID (UNI)
    5. How can I migrate my EdBlog?
  8. Mediathread - General 

    1. Discussions in Mediathread
    2. How do I fix the page layout if it looks strange in Mediathread?
    3. Importing items with the Mediathread Extension from Sources
    4. Levels of visibility for Mediathread compositions
    5. Levels of visibility for Mediathread selections
  9. Mediathread - Instructor 

    1. How do I create and edit my course vocabulary?
    2. How to enable uploading video into Mediathread
    3. Migrating Materials from one Mediathread Course to Another
    4. What is a Sequence Assignment?
    5. How do I view my student's responses (assignments)?
  10. Mediathread - Student 

    1. Collaborating on compositions in Mediathread
    2. How do I upload a video to Mediathread?
    3. Is There a Mediathread Quickstart Guide for Students?
    4. Responding to assignments in Mediathread
    5. Where do I find videos, images, or other media uploaded by my instructor?
  11. Poll Everywhere 

    1. What is Poll Everywhere?
    2. Do students need Poll Everywhere accounts to answer polls?
    3. How can I connect Poll Everywhere to Courseworks for grading?
    4. Poll Everywhere - Still Need Help?
  12. Wikispaces@Columbia Getting started 

    1. Wikispaces - Closed
  13. CTL Custom Webapps 

    1. Heart Simulator Java Security Fix (Mac)
    2. VITAL Codebase
  14. General Information 

    1. What are the hours for immediate assistance at CTL?
    2. Are there any plagiarism detection tools at Columbia?
    3. May I use CTL's projects in my non-Columbia course?
    4. How ADA compliant are CTL's services?
  15. Google Apps for Education 

    1. Getting Started with LionMail Google Slides
    2. How can I embed my Google slide show onto courseworks?
  16. Film Language Glossary 

    1. Can I use the Film Language Glossary outside Columbia?
    2. How can I access the Film Language Glossary?
  17. CUMC Audience Response System (TurningPoint) 

    1. What do I need to get started with TurningPoint as a CUIMC faculty member?
  18. ColumbiaLearn on YouTube 

    1. Are comments monitored on Columbia Learn's YouTube videos?
    2. Can Columbia Learn's YouTube channel be used for non-course purposes?
    3. Can I apply a Creative Commons license to videos that I post on YouTube?
    4. Can I submit a video to the Columbia Learn YouTube channel through my department or by myself?
    5. Can my department maintain its own YouTube channel?
  19. Video Production Requests 

    1. Can CTL film my course sessions?
    2. How can I use full-length films (or clips) in my classes?
    3. I had a film digitized by CTL, but it's expired. How can I get it back?
    4. How do I add films clip to my course site?
    5. How do I request films for courses?
  20. Archived Systems 

    1. How can I migrate content from CourseWorks (Sakai) to CourseWorks (Canvas?)
    2. (Sakai) How long will my graduating students have access to their CourseWorks sites?
    3. (Sakai) How do I use Delegated Access to find a CourseWorks site?
    4. (Sakai) Who are "self-join" members and how do they opt in to a CourseWorks site?
    5. Where to find old CourseWorks' course evaluations (pre-2012).
  21. All articles 

    1. Can CTL film my course sessions?
    2. Are comments monitored on Columbia Learn's YouTube videos?
    3. Collaborating on compositions in Mediathread
    4. Can I email my students through Wikispaces?
    5. Can I use the Film Language Glossary outside Columbia?

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