What is a Sequence Assignment?

A sequence assignment allows students to line up a “primary” selection of video or audio against multiple “secondary” selections and/or annotations. The secondary selections will appear at designated points when the primary selection plays.

This assignment can assess how students juxtapose a primary media object against other media selections (ie, visual annotations) or a series of thoughts (ie, textual annotations). Students may be asked to display correlations or contrasts in context, or to prepare a set of annotations that appear as a media selection plays.

An instructor creates a sequence assignment by filling in assignment instructions and due date. Students then respond to a sequence assignment by choosing one primary media selection from their collection, and then lining up along a timeline a series of selections from their collection, and/or writing a series of text annotations, as instructed. 

As they build a selection assignment response, a student can "play" it and adjust the timing of visual or textual annotations as needed. 

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