Migrating Materials from one Mediathread Course to Another

As an instructor, you may migrate from one Mediathread course to another the following: compositions, assignments, discussions, items, and selections that you or other instructors have created.

From the Mediathread site where you would like to migrate the content *to*:

  1. Click Course Settings 
  2. Click "Migrations"
  3. Type the name of the course name from which you wish to migrate materials. The system will autocomplete your search criteria. 
  4. Select course from drowdown menu and click 'View materials'

How to migrate

To migrate all materials including all compositions and assignments that you have created and all items that you have imported or annotated in a course, choose "Select Complete Course." Note: Items and selections associated with a project are automatically imported.

To migrate only selected items, choose "Select Items to Migrate." Scroll through the list and check materials you wish to migrate. Choose Select Items, and confirm by clicking Import Selected.

Migration details

  • Any Items and selections associated with a migrated project are also migrated.
  • Only instructor selections associated with an item are imported
  • Student-authored compositions cannot be migrated; student-uploaded items and selections can only be migrated if they are embedded in instructor compositions.

Migration confirmation

  • Once materials have been selected and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message noting the number of materials that have successfully been migrated.
  • If you are not finished migrating materials, to import materials from another course, choose "switch course" link from the top left side of the screen.
  • Once you are finished, click on the title of the course in the top left corner to be re-directed to your current course's home page. Verify that the materials have been migrated to the current course by scrolling through the "From Your Instructor" column or clicking the View Full Collection button, depending on the type of materials you have chosen to migrate to your new course.
  • Web links in migrated Assignments and Compositions may need to be updated.

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