How do I create student groups for my courses in Poll Everywhere?

In order to export grades from Poll Everywhere into a course in Courseworks (Canvas) you must have previously created a student group from the corresponding Courseworks (Canvas) course into Poll Everywhere. 

Importing students from a Courseworks (Canvas) course into Poll Everywhere will create a group in the Poll Everywhere platform with all the students enrolled in the corresponding Courseworks (Canvas) course. Students can be in more than one Poll Everywhere group simultaneously. 

Note that: For students to be able to respond via text, they need to include, under their account section "My settings", the mobile phone number they will be using to reply to polls and they must also certify their phone number. 

To import students from Courseworks (Canvas) into Poll Everywhere follow these steps: 
  1. Log into
  2. Go to the Participants tab
  3. Click Add participants 
  4. Click Conect to LMS
  5. Select the Canvas icon
  6. If you are asked to choose between hosted or self hosted choose "Hosted"
  7. Click the URL that appears under the option "Your available Canvas logins".
    *  If you don't see an option listed, look for "Canvas accounts available for your institution" and click Login. If prompted, log in using your UNI and UNI password. Click Authorize to allow Poll Everywhere to access Courseworks (Canvas). Now there will be a "Your available Canvas logins" header. Click on the link. 

  8. Select the course which roster you wish to import from Courseworks (Canvas) to Poll Everywhere and click Continue. Click on "Got It" to return to the Participants tab.
  9. In a little while, check the Participants tab to find the group you created listed on the right hand side. The Remember to set the polls to allow Registered participants only in order to identify them in the Gradebook and report.

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