How can I connect Poll Everywhere to Courseworks for grading?

Connecting Poll Everywhere to Canvas

  1. Go to poll
  2. Go to activities
  3. Select the participant's menu
  4. Select add participants
  5. Select legacy LMS connection (you will select Canvas)
  6. Select the login link under canvas accounts available and authorize
  7. once you have authorized the login you will notice that the page has updated to include a new login option under your available canvas logins
  8. To finish logging in select the newly available canvas login
  9. Select the courses from which you want to add participants

Pushing Grades to Canvas

  1. Go to the activities page
  2. Go to the activities page
  3. Select the activities that you would like to export
  4. Select create report button
  5. Select gradebook for the report type
  6. Select create report
  7. Select LMS export
  8. Select whether you want it to export as percentages or points
  9. Click next
  10. Wait for the export to complete
  11. Go to Canvas Assignments to further adjust the assignment and how it will be calculated 

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