What is the New Gradebook?

The New Gradebook is an updated Grades tool in CourseWorks (Canvas) that stores information about student progress in a course. It can be customized to your grading practices, and offers you more options to input grades, monitor student submissions, message students about their submissions, and provide feedback. Students can view their grades on the Grades page in the course. This allows them to check the status of their work, view grades and scoring rubrics (if applicable), monitor their own progress in the course, and view the comments you provided.  


  • In Fall 2019, depending on your department, the New Gradebook is currently one of the following: 1) disabled, 2) enabled, or 3) can be turned on/off by course.   To see (or change) the current status, go to “Settings” in the Course Navigation menu; then click on the “Feature Options” tab near the top. If you plan to turn the New Gradebook on/off, it is advised to only do so before any grades have been input into the course.   In Spring 2020, the New Gradebook will become the only gradebook available in all Columbia University CourseWorks courses.

  • As with the old Gradebook, SpeedGrader can still be used to help assign grades and provide feedback on student work.

The documentation below has been curated from the Canvas Instructor Guide and CUIT Tips and Tricks to help you review and use the new features of CourseWorks:

Features and Link Portals of New Gradebook:

Enabling and Using the New Gradebook as a Faculty:

Using the New Gradebook as a Student:

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