How can I use the New Gradebook to provide clear, actionable and timely feedback to students?

Timely feedback on performance helps students gauge their progress, prioritize their efforts and take ownership of their learning process to help meet the course goals. When setting up assignments, ensure that you, as the instructor, communicate the objectives, expectations and grading criteria or rubrics (learn more about rubrics here) at the outset. Doing this will give you a framework for providing clear and actionable feedback to students about their performance. Use the tools - Gradebook and SpeedGrader - in CourseWorks to help you with the process of providing feedback to students. Gradebook is a tool to enter and edit grades and add comments to assignment submissions. SpeedGrader is a tool that helps provide detailed feedback to students in a variety of formats.

There are a couple of options to provide feedback to students:

1) providing comments directly within the GradeBook and/or

2) providing more detailed feedback in a variety of formats using SpeedGrader

The documentation below has been curated from the Canvas Instructor Guide and CUIT Tips and Tricks to help you use the different features within the New Gradebook and SpeedGrader to provide clear, actionable and timely feedback in a variety of ways:

Providing feedback using the Gradebook and SpeedGrader tools within CourseWorks:

Managing assignment submissions and nudging students:

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