How can I use the New Gradebook tool to help me grade my students’ performance in a time-efficient manner?

Grading and responding to student questions about grades or their performance in a course are time consuming activities. The new Gradebook tool in CourseWorks (Canvas) helps with both of these tasks by providing a central location for all grades, and keeping your students up-to-date on their progress and bringing to their attention areas where improvement is needed. Setting up the course Gradebook early in the semester and using it with regularity throughout will ensure that students have a number of opportunities to evaluate their progress and adjust their study behaviors accordingly.

The CourseWorks (Canvas) Gradebook has settings to streamline the incorporation of your grading policies into the gradebook calculations, manage grades, and monitor performance.

The documentation below has been curated from the Canvas Instructor Guide and CUIT Tips and Tricks to help faculty set up grading policies, manage grades, and monitor student performance.

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