Where do I find videos, images, or other media uploaded by my instructor?

Any media that has been uploaded by your instructor can be accessed via the "View Full Collection" page. To navigate to this area, from the HOME page of the course, click the "View Full Collection" button under the Collection panel on the far right-side of the HOME page.

All the items that have been added to the course will be visible here. Notice that the Owner Drop Down is set to -Me- by default. If you have not added any items to your personal collection, you will see the message below:

Mediathread collection

A collection is a set of images, video and/or audio brought into Mediathread that can be annotated, organized, and embedded into essays and other written analysis.
How do I build my collection?
  • Import: Build your collection by bookmarking items from sites such as YouTube or Flickr. To install the bookmarklet into your browser, click the Import into Collection link on the home page and follow directions. Recommend Sites to students via Tools menu / Manage Sources
  • Upload: Video and audio files may be uploaded into Mediathread when you enable this feature in Toolsmenu / Manage Sources. An Upload from Computer link and directions then appear on the home page.

You may keep the Owner setting as -Me- or change it to another view. In order to view media that has been uploaded by your instructor, change the Owner drop down menu from -Me- to the name of your instructor. The view will automatically update with all items that have been added to the Course Collection by your instructor. To see all items added by all members of the class, change the Owner drop down menu from -Me- to -All Class Members-.

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