What is a "course vocabulary"?

A Mediathread course vocabulary is a set of concepts and associated terms chosen by a course instructor. This is a more structured approach to using tags than the student-generated tag field for an item or selection.

Setting up a course vocabulary is a good way to designate metadata for students to apply to items they analyze in Mediathread. Each course can have up to three "course concepts" that constitute the course's vocabulary. Within a course concept, an instructor can add an unlimited number of associated terms.

For example, a course concept may be "Religion" and a term within that concept might be 
 "Buddhism", "Hindusim", "Sikhism", etc. To get started, an instructor should open the "Manage" window in the top-left corner of Mediathread, and choose "Vocabulary."

More information about how an instructor can create and edit a course vocabulary can be found here.

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