(Sakai) What is CourseWorks' inactive timeout period?

The timeout interval on CourseWorks is one hour.  When using any of CourseWorks' tools, one must take some sort of action that sends a request to the server (e.g. navigating among pages, submitting a form, uploading a file).  At that moment, the one-hour clock will reset. 

At any time CourseWorks' users can look in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to see a message indicating the time at which the session will expire.

Ten minutes prior to session's expiration, a message will pop up to ask if "you're still there".  Answering in the affirmative will maintain the session for an additional hour.

If no one is there to see the message, the session will end and the browser will refresh to CourseWorks' homepage.  Any work that was in-progress prior to the session timing out will be irretrievably lost.  

The effect of CourseWorks' timeout is felt most sharply during timed examinations that exceed one hour.  Students should make it a general practice to utilize the "save" feature liberally.  (This will do two things:  maintain the session and ensure that any work-in-progress is submitted when the time-limit is reached).

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