Why does the video I uploaded to Mediathread appear sideways or upside down?

If your uploaded video appears upside down or sideways it may have something to do with how you were holding the device you used to record video.

When recording video please always make sure you are holding your device horizontally and right side up. Your camera should be held lengthwise with the camera lens on top.

Videos recorded sideways: It is possible you were holding the camera vertically as we sometimes do to take a picture. Holding your video camera vertically does not work as well for processing the video as it does for taking pictures. 

Videos recorded upside down: It is possible you were you holding your device upside down with the camera lens at the bottom. Despite your device viewfinder turning right side up, the video metadata did not get processed by the system. To avoid this, hold your camera horizontally with the camera lens on the top.

If you can't reshoot your footage you can try to reprocess it with the correct metadata for the Mediathread uploader. To do this, download this free program: http://www.squared5.com/ Open the original video file on your computer in that program, and choose "Export to MPEG-4" from the file menu. You can leave all the settings at their default values. The Mp4 file this program exports should be able to be processed by our system without problem. 

Upload the correctly recorded video to Mediathread.

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