Making selections of items in Mediathread

Once you open an item in Mediathread, selection tools are made available to you: zooming and drawing tools for images, clipping tools for video and audio. You can give your selection a title and tags, as well as append notes.

Selections are attached to items in Mediathread; unless annotation privacy has been enabled by an instructor (see related article), selections by others in the class as well as by you may be browsed when looking at an item. 

Selections are listed and available for embedding when editing a composition.  If selection privacy is not enabled by an instructor, you may view and embed selections by others in the class as well as by you while editing a composition.  This list is filterable: you may filter your collection by the time you created selections, as well as by tags you have given these selections.

The number of selections by you and others of a given item are listed in the collection panel.

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