Creating compositions in Mediathread

To create a composition, click the “New Composition” button on the top of the Compositions list on the home page, or click the “Respond” button associated with an assignment. An editing space will open up, in which you can format your text, link to an image, or create hyperlinks in your project. You can type directly in the box, or copy and paste text into the box from a text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

To the right of this writing space, you will see a list of the items and selections that you have saved in Mediathread. Embed an entire video by clicking on the arrow icon next to their title; embed a selection by clicking the arrow icon in the selection box next to the selection's title.  Clicking on these arrow icons will drop a link into your writing space. You may preview selections while writing by clicking twice on this embed link. You may also reword this link, which by default is the title of your selection, to fit into your prose.

You may also edit and create new selections while editing a composition.  To edit, click the quick-edit icon (look for a pencil).  To create a new selection, click the create-selection icon to the right of an item's title (look for a plus sign).  Once created,  new edits and new selections will be instantly available to embed into your composition.

To preview how your composition will look in published form, click “Preview”. Clicking on links to items or  selections that are embedded in published compositions loads them into the media window.

Compositions may be saved on a variety of levels.  See related article.

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