Collaborating on compositions in Mediathread

Mediathread compositions may be individually or collaboratively authored. To add collaborators to a composition, open the composition in edit mode, click the blue “+/- Author(s)” button at the top of the edit text box.

All authors of a composition have equal editing access to it. By default, your items and selections are loaded into the collection panel when editing a composition, but you can use filters at the top of the collection panel to find items and selections saved by your collaborators.

Mediathread does not offer Google Doc-like simultaneous editing, so composition collaborators should take care not to save over each others’ work. This can generally be avoided by loading the composition before opening it in edit mode and saving frequently.

Mediathread does capture every saved version of a composition, and notes when a version was modified and by whom. You can access this information through the blue "Revisions" button when editing a composition. This version tracking can be used to recover inadvertently overwritten work.

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