Responding to assignments in Mediathread

“Assignments” in Mediathread are compositions that are linked to an assignment created by an instructor. Assignments are published to the home page. The compositions panel can help you track the status of your response to an assignment, as well as instructor feedback.

To link a response to an assignment, click the “Respond” button associated with the assignment.This short video is a demonstration of how to respond to an assignment in Mediathread. 

You have 3 options when it comes to saving your response or your essay.  First, selected the button labelled Saved in the top right corner.  The Save Responses window will appear.

  1. To save it as a rough draft - if you are not ready for your instructor to view your response, please choose the first option labelled Private.
  2. To Submit your Assignment to your instructor please choose the second option labelled Instructor.  
  3. If your instructor wishes for you to share your assignment with your entire class, please select the Whole Class option that is listed last.
This video will demonstrate how to save and submit responses.

If an instructor posts feedback to your assignment response, a link to this feedback will appear in your published compositions list, as well as on the assignment response page. Instructor feedback can only be accessed by author(s) of the assignment response.

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