Tracking compositions in Mediathread

The compositions panel on the home page in Mediathread (look for the blue header) helps you track the status of compositions.

By default, a user’s own saved compositions are cued up here. Compositions saved by others in the class at the Whole Class or World level can also be found, by selecting an individual author’s name or “All Class Members” in the Owner filter bar.

In the compositions panel, saved compositions are time-stamped and labeled with their status:

  • “Private” =  only author(s) can access  
  • “Submitted” =  only instructor and author(s) can access
  • “Class” =   the whole class, instructor, and author(s) can access
  • “Assignment” = a special type of composition created by the instructor, the whole class can access
  • “World” = anyone on the web (with a generated URL), plus the whole class, instructor, and author(s) can access

In addition, the composition panel indicates if a composition is a response to an assignment. If an instructor has posted feedback on a composition, a “Read instructor feedback” link also appears. Note that instructor feedback is only available to the author(s) of a composition, no matter what level that composition is saved at.

Instructors have additional ways to track compositions in Instructor Dashboard reports:

  • “Assignment Responses” lists responses to any individual assignment — and indicates time, status, and posted feedback (if any).
  • “Student Contributions” indicates number of annotations, discussions, and compositions posted by individual students. Clicking on the name of a student in this report opens up the Composition and Collections panels with that student’s name selected as “Owner” — allowing instructors to scan that student’s published compositions, as well as all of her annotations.

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