Instructors: Selection Assignment

Selection Assignment

What is the Selection Assignment?

A selection assignment allows an instructor to select one video, photo or audio clip from the course collection.  The instructor can determine if & when students see each others annotations.  In order to complete the selection assignment, completes the following steps:
  1. Select an item
  2. Provide a title
  3. Add assignment instructions
  4. Set a due date (optional)
  5. Set visibility for students
  6. Publish the assignment

Selecting an Item

Before creating a selection assignment, the instructor must first add the item into the course collection.  Once the media item is in the collection, it will be available to be used in a selection assignment.

Assignment Instructions

Assignment instructions should be detailed for students.  Include the following in assignment instructions:
  1. The number of selections that students should submit
  2. How to title selections
  3. How to annotate selections in the notes field
  4. Guidance on tagging selections with free form tags or course vocabulary terms


Visibility of student responses must be set at one of the following levels:

  1. Student responses are visible only to instructors
  2. Students can see other responses only after submitting their own
  3. Students can see other responses at any time

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