Why doesn't the Bookmarklet work?

If you are attempting to use the bookmarklet and it doesn't appear to be working it's likely that your bookmarklet is out of date. To update your bookmarklet, navigate to the course home page and drag the bookmarklet into the toolbar.  Please see Screenshot below. 

If you receive a message that looks like this when attempting to use the bookmarklet:

Then you are attempting to add an image from a site that does not allow bookmarklets to be used. In order to add an image from that source, you will need to use Google Chrome. Once you've installed Google Chrome, navigate to your course home page and add the Mediathread Chrome Extension.  Once you have added the extension, you may click on an image or video while on the page as you would normally use the bookmarklet.

Not every site on the web can be used with the bookmarklet. If there is a site that isn't working that you feel should be working with Mediathread, please contact the Mediathread team by using the "Contact Us" button (or clicking the URL). 

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