How do I add users (TAs, Students etc) to my course?

To add users to your course:
Look to the left to your Course Navigation and click on People.

2.  Click the Add People button.

Add People

3.  Use one of the options to add a user to the course - Email address, or UNI. We recommend adding a user through their UNI as users can change their email addresses.

4.  Select the appropriate role and section.

In the Role drop-down menu [1], assign the user(s) a role for the course based on available course roles.

In the Section drop-down menu [2], assign the user(s) a section in the course.

If you want to limit the user(s) to only interact with other users in their section, click the Can interact... checkbox [3].

Click the Next button [4].

Note: If you are adding multiple users at the same time, all users inherit the same role and section.

Updated: August 7th, 2016; CTL

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