Will Enhanced TA's exist in Courseworks (Canvas)?

TA course roles were updated on January 9th, 2018 to reflect the two distinct levels that we had in Sakai-Courseworks:
  • Enhanced TA has access to all grading functionality (create and edit Quizzes, Assignments and Rubrics; view student submissions and make comments; view the course grade book and edit student grades; view and link to question banks)
  • TA no longer has access to any of the above grading functionality, but still has the same access to course content, roster and messaging as in the past.
If you added TA's to your course site prior to January 9th, they will not have access to grading functionality. If you'd like to upgrade those existing TA's to Enhanced TA's, go to the People page of your course site and follow these steps:
  • Locate the TA who you want to upgrade to having grading capability, click the gear wheel to the right of their name and selectEdit Role.
  • Click on Enhanced TA, and then Update.
To learn more, please refer to the CUIT article here - Adding and Editing TAs

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