Can I email my students through Wikispaces?

Yes you can email your students through Wikispaces. Although it may be easier to email your students through Courseworks, below are directions for emailing your students individually or as a class through Wikispaces.

1) Sign into your Wikispaces course.

2) Notice in the upper right hand corner your UNI username. Click on it.

3) You should now see a My Account page.

4) Click on the Mail Icon located in the upper right hand corner of the My Account page. This will bring you to your Inbox.

5) Click on the button Compose Mail under the Inbox header. A Compose Mail window will open.

a) To email a student: Under the To field of the Compose Mail window, type the user name(s) of the student(s) you wish to contact.

b) To email all course members and organizers: Select "Add all members off..." dropdown under the To field and select the name of the course you wish to email. You may leave the To field for usernames empty.

6) Complete the subject and message fields.

7) Click send.

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