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  1. (Sakai) How do I use Delegated Access to find a CourseWorks site?

  2. (Sakai) How long will my graduating students have access to their CourseWorks sites?

  3. (Sakai) How to gain access to course evaluations in CourseWorks

  4. (Sakai) What is CourseWorks' inactive timeout period?

  5. (Sakai) Who are "self-join" members and how do they opt in to a CourseWorks site?

  6. Adding Mediathread Selections in the Canvas Text Editor

  7. Are comments monitored on Columbia Learn's YouTube videos?

  8. Are there any plagiarism detection tools at Columbia?

  9. As instructor, can I add users to my EdBlog?

  10. Can Columbia Learn's YouTube channel be used for non-course purposes?

  11. Can CTL film my course sessions?

  12. Can each student in my course set up their own blog with the EdBlogs service?

  13. Can I apply a Creative Commons license to videos that I post on YouTube?

  14. Can I change the URL of my EdBlogs site?

  15. Can I copy and Paste from Microsoft Word?

  16. Can I create an HTML page in Courseworks (Canvas)?

  17. Can I download my student's assignments and grade them?

  18. Can I email my students through Wikispaces?

  19. Can I Hide files so that only instructors can see them?

  20. Can I invite guests to my EdBlog if they do not have a Columbia University ID (UNI)

  21. Can I rename the links or buttons on the left course navigation pane?

  22. Can I see what a student sees? - Student View

  23. Can I submit a video to the Columbia Learn YouTube channel through my department or by myself?

  24. Can I use HTML files in my site? And how do I edit them?

  25. Can I use the Film Language Glossary outside Columbia?

  26. Can I use Youtube in my Canvas Site?

  27. Can my department maintain its own YouTube channel?

  28. Can my students use EdBlogs with a mobile device?

  29. Can Students Upload Files?

  30. Can Students Write Private Posts Only Accessible to Instructors?

  31. Can videos be made private on YouTube?

  32. Canvas Support from CTL

  33. Collaborating on compositions in Mediathread

  34. Creating compositions in Mediathread

  35. Discussions in Mediathread

  36. Do I need to get release forms from the people who appear in my video?

  37. Do I still have access to my old CourseWorks (Sakai) Sites?

  38. Do I still have to use WebDav to bulk upload files?

  39. Do other universities use YouTube?

  40. Do students need Poll Everywhere accounts to answer polls?

  41. Do videos on Columbia Learn's YouTube channel contain ads?

  42. Do videos on Columbia Learn's YouTube channel need to be branded?

  43. Does CourseWorks (Canvas) have a photo roster tool?

  44. Embedding your items into your Essay

  45. Getting Started with LionMail Google Slides

  46. Heart Simulator Java Security Fix (Mac)

  47. How ADA compliant are CTL's services?

  48. How can I access the Film Language Glossary?

  49. How can I connect Poll Everywhere to Courseworks for grading?

  50. How can I digitize physical media?

  51. How can I download my roster in CourseWorks?

  52. How can I drop students who are not attending my class from the class roster?

  53. How can I embed my Google slide show onto courseworks?

  54. How can I migrate content from CourseWorks (Sakai) to CourseWorks (Canvas?)

  55. How can I migrate my EdBlog?

  56. How can I see a list or pictures of my students in Courseworks?

  57. How can I setup email subscriptions for my students?

  58. How can I use full-length films (or clips) in my classes?

  59. How can I use the Course Navigation menu in CourseWorks to manage my course navigation links?

  60. How can I use the New Gradebook to provide clear, actionable and timely feedback to students?

  61. How can I use the New Gradebook tool to help me grade my students’ performance in a time-efficient manner?

  62. How do I access Evaluations for courses and instructors if I have delegated access?

  63. How do I access my evaluations (old and current)

  64. How do I activate the Syllabus tool in CourseWorks?

  65. How do I add a guest to my CourseWorks (Canvas) course site?

  66. How do I add a link to my EdBlog in Courseworks?

  67. How do I add a section to a course?

  68. How do I add a Selection in Canvas

  69. How do I Add a Selection in Canvas

  70. How do I add EdBlogs to my Courseworks Page?

  71. How do I add films clip to my course site?

  72. How do I add images, video, documents, and other media to my EdBlogs posts and pages?

  73. How do I add links to the sidebar of my blog?

  74. How Do I Add My Mediathread Course to Canvas?

  75. How do I add my syllabus?

  76. How do I add or edit points for assignments?

  77. How do I add Textbooks into my Course in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  78. How do I add users (TAs, Students etc) to my course?

  79. How do I add web links (URLs) to my Files and Resources?

  80. How do I change the grading scale for my course?

  81. How do I change the icon (Avatar) that appears next to students names in an EdBlog comment?

  82. How do I change the name of my course site?

  83. How do I change the title of my blog?

  84. How do I create a discussion

  85. How do I create a homepage?

  86. How do I create a new group set?

  87. How do I create an Announcement?

  88. How do I create an Assignment in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  89. How do I create an item in the gradebook that is not associated with an assignment or test?

  90. How do I create and edit my course vocabulary?

  91. How do I create groups in Canvas?

  92. How do I create video lectures for my classroom?

  93. How do I customize the menu of my blog?

  94. How do I download files from the Files tool?

  95. How do I edit multiple posts at once?

  96. How do I fix the page layout if it looks strange in Mediathread?

  97. How do I get my event recordings up on Columbia Learn's YouTube channel?

  98. How do I get my videos up on YouTube?

  99. How do I get started with Edblogs?

  100. How do I get student names to appear in the sidebar with posts and comments tracked?

  101. How do I give my students extra credit?

  102. How do I grade student assignment submissions?

  103. How do I hide grades until ready to share with students?

  104. How do I host my class if we can’t meet in person?

  105. How do I import content from another CourseWorks (Canvas) course?

  106. How do I manage blog categories (add, edit, and delete)?

  107. How do I manually create Groups in a Group Set?

  108. How do I request a collaboration site or a project site?

  109. How do I request an EdBlogs site?

  110. How do I request Delegated or Administrative Access to CourseWorks?

  111. How do I request films for courses?

  112. How do I resize images in an EdBlogs post so they appear correctly in the theme?

  113. How do I restrict files and folders permissions in Canvas?

  114. How do I see all my videos? Can all the videos that I submit to the Columbia Learn YouTube channel be grouped together?

  115. How do I send an email to my students in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  116. How do I send notifications for new files I upload to Canvas?

  117. How do I set my Courseworks notification preferences?

  118. How do I submit my assignment to my instructor?

  119. How do I subscribe to CourseWorks calendars in Google, Outlook, or iCal?

  120. How do I subscribe to the Calendar Feed using Google Calendar?

  121. How do I turn off the Canvas calendar function for students?

  122. How do I upload a file to my course in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  123. How do I upload a video to Mediathread?

  124. How do I upload zip files as an instructor?

  125. How do I use Files as an Instructor?

  126. How do I use the Conferences tool in Canvas?

  127. How do I use the gradebook in Canvas

  128. How do I use the People page as an instructor?

  129. How do I view my student's responses (assignments)?

  130. How do I view student activity in the course?

  131. How long after I submit my video can expect to see it on the Columbia Learn YouTube channel?

  132. How long will my video stay on Columbia Learn's YouTube channel?

  133. How may I organize my course EdBlog with multiple authors writing regularly on new topics?

  134. How to enable uploading video into Mediathread

  135. How to make syllabus in CourseWorks link with Vergil?

  136. How to work with Panopto Assignment Folders in Courseworks

  137. I had a film digitized by CTL, but it's expired. How can I get it back?

  138. If I post my notes on CourseWorks does Columbia University get the copyright or does it remain with the instructor?

  139. Importing items with the Mediathread Extension from Sources

  140. Instructors: Selection Assignment

  141. Is Canvas HIPAA Compliant?

  142. Is content 'published' by default when migrating content between classes?

  143. Is there a blog tool in CourseWorks (Canvas)

  144. Is there a limit to how many videos I can submit?

  145. Is There a Mediathread Quickstart Guide for Students?

  146. Is there a review or approval process before my video gets added to the site? If so, what is it and who does this?

  147. Is there a way to add items to the course navigation menu on the left that are not visible to the outside world?

  148. Is there a way to make sure an EdBlog post stays at the top of the home page?

  149. Levels of visibility for Mediathread compositions

  150. Levels of visibility for Mediathread selections

  151. Library Reserves Don't Show Up in CourseWorks... What Do I Do?

  152. Logging into Mediathread

  153. Making selections of items in Mediathread

  154. May I use CTL's projects in my non-Columbia course?

  155. Mediathread Quick Start Guide

  156. Migrating Materials from one Mediathread Course to Another

  157. My username appears on my course EdBlog as my UNI. How do I change this?

  158. New 10.19.19: New Course Navigation Appearance, Same Functionality

  159. Once my video is on Columbia Learn's YouTube channel, am I allowed to post it in other places (e.g., my departmental web site)?

  160. Poll Everywhere - Still Need Help?

  161. Removing an item from your collection

  162. Responding to assignments in Mediathread

  163. System requirements for Mediathread

  164. The "From Your Instructor" panel on the Mediathread home page

  165. Tracking compositions in Mediathread

  166. Viewing and working with ARTstor content in Mediathread

  167. VITAL Codebase

  168. What are Grades and Gradebook?

  169. What are Student Groups?

  170. What are the advantages of using Columbia Learn's YouTube channel?

  171. What are the basics for setting up my course?

  172. What are the capabilities for each role in my course?

  173. What are the hours for immediate assistance at CTL?

  174. What do I need to get started with TurningPoint as a CUIMC faculty member?

  175. What does the Canvas interface look like?

  176. What if my video will not upload to Mediathread?

  177. What is a "course vocabulary"?

  178. What is a Sequence Assignment?

  179. What is CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  180. What is Poll Everywhere?

  181. What is process for scanning materials to include in my course site?

  182. What is the best way to add my syllabus to EdBlogs?

  183. What is the difference between categories and tags in EdBlogs?

  184. What is the Files Tool and how do I use it?

  185. What is the mailtool in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  186. What is the New Gradebook?

  187. What is the policy for removing videos from Columbia Learn's YouTube channel?

  188. What is the storage limit for files in Canvas?

  189. What kind of features does Columbia Learn's YouTube channel have?

  190. What languages does EdBlogs support?

  191. What should I do if I get an error when viewing a tool in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  192. What types of files can be uploaded to EdBlogs?

  193. Where can I find documentation about EdBlogs?

  194. Where do I find videos, images, or other media uploaded by my instructor?

  195. Where do I see student UNIs in Canvas?

  196. Where do I see the names of students' advising deans?

  197. Where do my students go for help with CourseWorks (Canvas)?

  198. Where to find old CourseWorks' course evaluations (pre-2012).

  199. Which browsers does CourseWorks (Canvas) Support

  200. Who holds the copyright to the video uploaded to the Columbia Learn YouTube channel: me or Columbia University?

  201. Who may view the EdBlogs site for my course?

  202. Why are my images appearing cropped?

  203. Why Can't I See My Student's Responses (or submitted assignments)

  204. Why does the video I uploaded to Mediathread appear sideways or upside down?

  205. Why doesn't the Bookmarklet work?

  206. Why doesn't YouTube video or other embedded media appear?

  207. Wikispaces - Closed

  208. Will Canvas work on my mobile device?

  209. Will Enhanced TA's exist in Courseworks (Canvas)?

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